Efficient and effective communication is the lifeline at Hovedstadens Beredskab

Hovedstadens Beredskab, the Greater Copenhagen Fire Department, operates in 8 municipalities within the capital of Denmark and serves more than 1 million citizens in the greater Copenhagen area. Their fire and rescue service, emergency centre, and authority on fire prevention aim to prevent and minimise damages caused by fire and other emergencies.

In emergency services, efficient and effective communication is the lifeline. However, with 800+ employees working in shifts round the clock, 12 fire stations in different locations, the organisation faces the challenge of keeping their employees connected and communicating effectively.

Dream Broker Studio has proven to be a reliable solution for the Fire Department to reach employees spread across different locations and time schedules effectively. Through online video communication, employees can receive up-to-date information swiftly and efficiently. It has also helped the management team and employees stay connected despite not having opportunities to meet face to face very often.

Leading the revolution of online video communication in Hovedstadens Beredskab, is Frank Mikkelsen, Chief of Operations. He is responsible for the implementation of Dream Broker Studio within the organisation and supports different departments with their use of videos to share operational knowledge and internal communication.

Top management in Hovedstadens Beredskab also routinely make videos and upload them to their internal intranet to communicate with their employees. Employees now receive news and information directly from management and can interact with their communication via comments and reactions. Through video analytics, management has visibility over the number of employees their videos have reached. They are witnessing improved efficiency in communication with every video upload.

Dream Broker Studio users in the organisation found “brand resources” in particular, a valuable feature that strengthened and aligned the professional style of their video production. They found it very intuitive for non-video professionals, especially when there were multiple contributors involved in the video production process.

Since the collaboration began, more departments at Hovedstadens Beredskab have noticed the impact of video communication and they have asked for access to Dream Broker Studio as a result. Thus far, they have 30 personnel in charge of contributing videos across the organisation. They are spread across various departments such as the special forces, administration, management, and communications. The videos are not only used in internal communication and training, but also in external communication such as social media, employer branding, and information to citizens.

“I believe we can expand our use of video communication even further, become even better at using video communication, and we will continue to collaborate with Dream Broker.”

Frank Mikkelsen, Chief of Operations

Thomas Vince is a Fire Lieutenant in one of the busiest fire stations in the capital of Denmark. He is part of the Special Unit, which specialises in big fires, underwater, and other advanced rescue operations. It is also his responsibility to provide training sessions for the firefighters in Hovedstadens Beredskab.

Thomas sees unlimited ways to further the use of Dream Broker Studio. For their next use case, he is looking to implement QR codes on rescue equipment that will lead to their respective instructional videos. This ensures that instructions for technical equipment will always be quickly accessible when required, even when they are en route to an emergency site.

“I see Dream Broker Studio as really helpful, to get the time shortened from thought to action.”

Thomas Vince, Fire Lieutenant

Thomas began using videos as a part of their training sessions when he realised it was easier to explain complicated procedures and the use of technical equipment through video communication. Team members can now follow instructions conveniently from their mobile phones during these training sessions. Videos have streamlined the information funnel between different units, teams, and fire stations. This makes the training process to acquire appropriate knowledge shorter than it used to be. He also believes that it will help with collaboration with other organisations, as well as scale the dissemination of information internally and to the public.

Frank Mikkelsen
Chief of Operations
Hovedstadens Beredskab

Thomas Vince
Fire Lieutenant
Hovedstadens Beredskab


Hovedstadens Beredskab

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