Scalable video communication boosts sales and marketing at Bosch

See how Mikko & Pasi from Bosch Termotekniikka have revolutionised their communication with Dream Broker Studio and brought their sales and marketing processes to the next level!

In a bid to share their expertise to customers on Bosch’s heat pump units, Mikko Ranta (Regional Sales Manager, Southern and East Finland) and Pasi Ervasti (Regional Sales Manager, Northern Finland) began using Dream Broker Studio to provide video-based customer support.

Such is the popularity and effectiveness of their videos that they have over 300,000 views on their channel (Bosch Lämpötekniikka) as well as seeing their sales figures increase.

In 2022, Dream Broker had the privilege to visit their office in Vantaa, Finland to experience first-hand how they have successfully implemented Dream Broker Studio into their weekly workflow. The scalability of video communication, compared to conventional channels like trade fairs, has become an integral part of their sales and marketing process.

Pasi emphasises the importance of a strong vision when they decided to start making videos.

«In the beginning, our marketing coordinator Heidi Hartonen edited our videos because we thought we didn’t know how. But after calling Dream Broker’s Technical customer service, we were advised on editing best practices. Nowadays, we edit all the videos ourselves.»

Mikko & Pasi’s philosophy was to build a culture of knowledge and technical expertise sharing through video with their customer community, instead of focusing on sales. However, producing weekly videos for their customer community have seen the duo gain an impressive reputation about their service and expertise.

Much to the delight of their colleagues and partners, their video content has helped to minimise the workload of Bosch resellers and boosted their revenue by creating an organic inward sales lead funnel. The customers are now approaching them instead of the other way around.

Pasi Ervasti
Regional Sales Manager, Northern Finland
Bosch Termotekniikka

Mikko Ranta
Regional Sales Manager, Southern and East Finland
Bosch Termotekniikka

Bosch Termotekniikka

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