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Helping customers from all industries and countries over the years has built an extensive knowledge bank of expertise that can help you succeed with your business communication.
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Experts in Cyber Secure Communication

Cyber security and compliance

Our long-term investments in our own private cloud infrastructure, high level of cyber security and GDPR+ level compliance are highly appreciated by our customers today. As your trusted partner, we are happy to share our best practices and help make sure your communication is both secure and compliant.
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Dream Broker Studio

Revolutionise communication with online video

Dream Broker Studio is an easy-to-use, private cloud-based software for managing the whole life cycle of online videos. It helps people and enterprises communicate, collaborate and learn with online video. Designed for end-to-end workflows, it enables anyone to easily create, edit and share online videos, anywhere, anytime and on any device.
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Use Cases

Change ManagementCitizen CommunicationCustomer CommunicationExternal CommunicationSOP and InstructionsInternal CommunicationLeadership CommunicationReach Decentralised EmployeesOnboardingRecruitmentSafety GuidlinesScreen RecordingStudent CommunicationTraining

Change Management

Keep every stakeholder informed at all times, before, during and after the change. Involve and align project groups using videos. Ensure all parties are working towards the same common goal via more personal communication.

Change Management
Citizen Communication

Dream Broker Studio helps you keep your local community informed on important news and updates via videos and video channels. Engage the public in the activities happening in the local area. Create engaging and informative videos to inform and update about important initiatives and services. Increase transparency and improve connection between the citizens and public entities.

Customer Communication

Make your offers more personal with video and stand out from your competition. Offer scalable customer trainings to help customers succeed with your products. Promote new features or campaigns via video. Engage customers with quick product updates on social media effectively. Support customers via FAQ video libraries or screen recordings.

External Communication

Communicate with your stakeholders with engaging videos. Display videos on public screens or lobby rooms. Facilitate your important hybrid events with Dream Broker Studio Webcasting and share the event recordings to extend your reach.

SOP and Instructions

Unify and align working procedures with video. Replace long texts with intuitive video guides. Create easy-to-follow screen recordings of new systems. Show how to use equipment or machinery and share knowledge on-demand, for production workers.

Internal Communication

Create an entire internal centralized video library with VideoHub and make sure employees never miss any important update. Create relevant video content for your intranet and internal channels. Strengthen alignment and execution within your organisation by unifying employees through informative videos.

Leadership Communication

CEOs and management teams can easily create and share video content through live events and video reports. Use Dream Broker Studio as a management tool to bring strategy to action.

Reach Decentralised Employees

Reach employees regardless of time zone or location via the mobile app. Communicate easy-to-understand video information on any device. Use the SMS feature to share important urgent information.


Create a scalable learning concept for your employees. Use video channels to create continuity in learning from the first day of employment throughout the entire career. Reach the right employees with the right information, when they need it.


Recruit the best talent by sharing informative job post videos and share insightful culture-carrying videos. Implement video applications as part of your recruitment process. Enable employee advocacy programs powered by video.

Safety Guidlines

Share important safety guidelines via video to ensure compliance and safety. Scale easy-to-understand video instructions. Empower employees to create and share safety videos internally or externally.

Screen Recording

Secure scalable IT roll outs. Support change and implementation across the entire organisation. Create inspiring walkthrough videos of systems and self-help channels. Align working procedures and policies with engaging videos.

Student Communication

With a flipped classroom concept, offer students guidance and briefs via on-demand videos. Enable video-based assignments and projects. Allow more engaging and visual learning.


Implement new ways of working, ensure compliance with new regulations, and promote a culture of continuous learning and development. Monitor that all employees have received the correct trainings.

Working With Our Customers



We create a plan with you for implementing videos into your daily use cases.

Software setup

We help you with the technical implementation or integrations so that you can start using the software immediately.


With Dream Broker’s user-friendly tutorials, you will learn to maximize the impact of your communication.


Schedule meetings with our team to make sure your goals are met. New targets are set to ensure continued success.


Together, we evaluate areas of improvement and help you scale best practices throughout the organisation.

Empower your video communication

With Dream Broker, you can make online video a solid part of your communication strategy. Best of all, our team of experts will help you set up a roadmap to make the most out of the software. Find best practices that enable you to generate engaging content. By combining our software solutions and support, your business goals will be within arm’s reach.
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We are committed to providing world-class customer support to all of our customers via email, phone, chat or hundreds of tutorial videos. Our Customer Success Team is always happy to provide technical support for our customers.
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