Dream Broker Studio powers webinar event with game-changing webcast technology

From left to right: Mika Ahokas, Outi Särkkä, Katherine Greatrex, Kalle Valkama, Sami Siekkinen, Lauri Heikkilä

Dream Broker Studio software is constantly developed to empower customers to revolutionise their communication with online video. On 23rd November 2022, the company organised its first webinar event, Dream Day 2022, with up to 500 participants.

Dream Day 2022 Webinar was successfully powered by Dream Broker Studio’s webcasting technology. Webinar participants had the first-hand opportunity to experience how seamless and easy it is to launch their own webcast event live during the demonstration.

In the two-hour event, Dream Broker showcased the latest game-changing features, Webcasting, VideoHub and DreamTV App. Participants heard expert insights and gained best practices from customer speakers, Katy Greatrex (Commercial Product Information Manager, Vaisala Oyj) and Outi Särkkä (Senior Communications Manager, Caverion Oyj) on the revolution of communication with online video. Participants also learnt about the newest opportunities Dream Broker Studio has to offer. If you missed Dream Day 2022, you can contact us for a recording of the webinar event.

Using Dream Broker Studio with Webcasting, organisations can take advantage of both on-demand video and live video streaming to reach their targeted audiences, internally and externally. They can maximise the effects of their content depending on their use cases for communication, leadership, and training.

“Dream Broker Studio software with webcasting technology fulfils the most important communication, leadership and training needs of any organisation and makes it smooth to choose between on-demand and live video communication on a daily basis.”

– Mika Ahokas, CEO

Webcasts can be easily and securely shared via the Dream Broker Studio’s existing channel structure. Users can start their own live webcasting event without the need to hire external professionals or invest in expensive equipment. After the webcasting event ends, the recording can be processed immediately for editing and further distribution within Dream Broker Studio’s channels.

At the end of the webinar, Dream Broker gave participants a sneak preview into the future of communication and introduced a new software product, Dream Broker #One. The first cyber secure, all-in-one communication software solution from Europe.

Contact us to learn how you can be the first to try Dream Broker #One.

Additional Information:

CEO, Mika Ahokas, Dream Broker Ltd, Tel. +358 40 583 7782, mika.ahokas@dreambroker.fi

PR & Communications: Alexandra Taimitarha, Dream Broker Ltd, Tel. +358 40 410 8188, alexandra.taimitarha@dreambroker.fi

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