“Trust Drives All Business” – Your most efficient corporate event in less than 3 hours

Between March and May 2019, hundreds of like-minded professionals from all industries and functions meet across six European capitals, to discuss how they use online video communication to establish and build trust with their employees and clients as trust drives all business.

Every Dream Broker PLAY event is an exclusive invitation-only gathering for decision makers. The interactive program provides the participants with valuable networking opportunities and broad insight to the event theme “Trust Drives All Business” from multiple angles. Annually, the tour attracts over 600 business professionals who share their vision, experiences and ideas on how to revolutionise their communication.

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Cyber secure video communication with GDPR+ compliance

Security and privacy have always been our top priorities in software design and development and in the ways our personnel processes data. We are proud to be able to offer our customers a genuinely European solution, which doesn’t transfer personal data outside the EEA. Dream Broker Studio is our own software and hosted using hardware and server systems owned and operated by us. This provides our customers peace of mind, which has always been crucial for entities who are revolutionising their communication and expanding the use of online videos in all functions of their organisation.

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Dream Broker PLAY event tour makes communication everyone’s business.

Over 600 professionals meet in 6 Northern European capital cities in Q2.

Today, every function in every organisation needs to succeed in communication with their most important people – employees and customers. Therefore, communication should be also your priority, regardless of what function or position you are working in today.

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Maintenance Break 20.5.2017 22:00 – 21.5.2017 06:00

Notification of an upcoming maintenance break in Dream Broker Studio video platform. The maintenance is scheduled for May 20th – May 21st, 2017 from 10pm to 6am (UTC +0300).

During the maintenance window, we are performing regular performance and security updates to the production environment of Dream Broker Studio. This operation does not require any action from our customers. During the maintenance, breaks in availability of the software are to be expected. We aim to minimize all inconvenience caused by the maintenance.

Dream Broker has launched a new version of their test-winning online video platform

Dream Broker has launched a new version of their test-winning online video platform, Dream Broker Studio. The platform is used by over 700 customer organisations to communicate, lead and learn with the advantage of videos. The updated Dream Broker Studio introduces enterprises a new way of communication and leadership. Jatka lukemista

Dream Broker’s online video platform is a test winner

Tivi, an authoritative Finnish IT and technology magazine, reviewed Dream Broker’s online video platform awarding Dream Broker the most stars in its May issue.

Tivi, a Finnish IT and technology magazine, ranked Dream Broker’s online video software as having 4/5 stars in the magazine’s video distribution services review published in the May issue. Jatka lukemista

Dream Broker täsmentää hinnoitteluaan merkittävien ohjelmistoinvestointien jälkeen

Dream Broker on vahvistanut merkittävillä investoinneilla entisestään ohjelmistonsa suorituskykyistä infrastruktuuria, tietoturvaa ja luotettavuutta. Varmistaakseen asiakkailleen ensiluokkaisen online-video kokemuksen, tinkimättömän tietoturvatason sekä entistä korkeamman suorituskyvyn, Dream Broker korottaa hinnoitteluaan 10 – 15 % ohjelmiston editiosta riippuen 1.8.2015 alkaen. Hinnankorotus koskee uusia asiakkuuksia. Jatka lukemista