Dream Broker to promote sales expertise with Best Seller Competition 2023


Dream Broker is the main sponsor of this year’s Best Seller Competition. Best Seller Competition is an annual contest organised for sales students by the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and Turku University of Applied Sciences. This year, the competition will be hosted by Haaga-Helia.

First organised in 2010, Best Seller Competition has challenged students from across Finland’s universities of applied sciences to test and develop their sales skills. The sales students participating in the competition will receive sales coaching from both their schools and via the sponsoring companies. The competition offers the students a chance to practice and gain sales experience in demanding personal sales work with realistic customer cases, selling actual products.

Professional sales competence plays a vital role in any company’s business and growth. This initiative enables schools to join forces to promote the importance of cultivating sales expertise in Finland, helping students apply their sales skills in real life, outside the classroom. The event also gives sponsoring companies an opportunity to meet aspiring sales professionals and strengthen their collaboration with local schools and future graduates.

“In Finland we have good engineers and scientists. We still have a lot to do in making our voices heard and getting our products sold internationally. Haaga-Helia and other participating universities of applied sciences are doing important work in teaching and developing of sales work.”

– Rasmus Saarinen, Country Manager and Business Development Director, UK

The competition has always been enabled by companies interested in developing sales as a competence. Dream Broker is happy to partner with Haaga-Helia to promote sales work with local Finnish schools in Best Seller Competition 2023. Sales work is the cornerstone of Dream Broker’s internationalisation strategy, as an independent and income-financed company with operations in eight countries.

“Dream Broker does sales in all its countries by employing local sales talent. Sales work is a part of Dream Broker’s DNA and highly valued in our company. Exporting Finnish goods and expertise is reliant on strong sales.”

– Nelly Nurmi, Country Manager, Finland

Best Seller Competition 2023 will be kicked off with a preliminary qualifying round on March 30th. After the semi-finals, the final round of the competition takes place on April 13th. The final round consists of the best four remaining contestants. Both the semi-finals and finals will be held on the Haaga-Helia campus and streamed online for remote audiences.

Dream Broker wishes all the participating students the best of luck this year!

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