Streamlining internal communication and training processes at global manufacturer, Rapala VMC

Since 1936, Rapala has been the global leading manufacturer for fishing lure and equipment. The company currently operates in 38 countries, with more than 2,000 employees, and produces more than 20 million fishing lures per year. In their production facility located in Pärnu, Estonia, the company manufactures their world renowned Rapala lures, Marttiini knives and ice augers.

Rapala VMC’s production facility faced challenges in their internal communication when they realised the need to streamline their production training processes. Apart from the need to create instruction videos for production, they also required a solution that allowed them to share their videos easily and efficiently.

Dream Broker Studio has proven to be the easiest and most reliable solution for Rapala by using online video throughout their communication. Production teams are able to easily create, manage and share training videos through Studio, while employees can receive up-to-date information and instructions instantly. Thus, replacing their previous process that was more complicated and much less efficient.

Most recently, Dream Broker Studio users at Rapala have been creating new instruction videos for their production machines. They have also shared these videos through a variety of use cases and different convenient ways, such as embedding Studio videos links to internal PDF document instructions. This ensures that the videos are always available in their document management system, which is accessible to everyone.

As a result, Rapala’s Studio users have been extremely satisfied with how simple it is to create and share new videos to fulfil their tasks. Employees in the production facility are also seeing the value of how easy it is to access videos for their training processes.

“Dream Broker Studio turned out to be the best solution for us as it is cloud-based so the videos are easy to share. It also has all the necessary editing functionalities we need and is very simple and easy to use.“

Juho Viitanen, OPEX & Compliance Manager,
Rapala VMC

Juho Viitanen is the OPEX & Compliance Manager at Rapala VMC based in their production facility in Pärnu. His main responsibility includes overseeing the implementation of quality management systems in their operation and improving their lean processes.

Juho continues to see the benefit of using online video communication in their daily operations, especially for creating video instructions of production machines. He also emphasises that they have established a successful internal communication process using Dream Broker Studio, which will remain an integral part of their operations going forward.

Juho Viitanen,
OPEX & Compliance Manager
Rapala VMC

Rapala VMC

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