Utilising video communication to create a sense of unity for scattered workforce

Hesburger is a family-owned restaurant chain, that opened its first restaurant in the year 1980 in Turku, Finland. Today, they operate in 9 countries with 500 restaurants. Around 8 000 people work in Hesburger restaurants and they serve almost 200 000 people everyday.

Since they live in a dynamic environment and are constantly training and onboarding new people, Hesburger needed to find more creative solutions for communications.

As they have their staff scattered around the country, they understood that with videos, they would achieve more face to face -type of communication situations, and strenghtening a sense of unity to their staff and organisation. Their nominated group of trainers shoot the training videos and their communications is the curator, that manages the videos. They control the flow, rhythm and feel of the communication. One of the main goals is to bring the Hesburger -family closer together.

„The fact, that we have a channel that’s in everyone’s pocket, where we can get closer through video is an important way for us to add engagement.“

Hesburger has traditional training videos, that are located in the Intranet. They also have a mobile channel for internal communications that its integrated into their staff mobile app. Content there includes training videos but they also have more funny, humorous things, more team-building type of content.

„Some of the benefits of Dream Broker Studio is that, people who are not video professionals can easily create videos, and that they are located all in one place, where we can share them to the channels we like.“

Hesburger can now can reach its young employees on the go with the mobile app in their pockets and videos that are readily available. They are hoping that in the future they can activate and create more interaction with their staff.

Heini Santos
Communications manager


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