Social Responsibility

Growing together and making a difference

Our Story

Dream Broker was founded in Finland in 2007. Today, we have over 150 employees in 8 European countries. The company is one of the fastest growing in Europe, serving over 1100 loyal business customers. In addition to our headquarters in Helsinki (Finland), Dream Broker has local offices in Turku (Finland), Oulu (Finland), Jyväskylä (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway), Amsterdam (Netherlands), The Hague (Netherlands), Berlin (Germany), Frankfurt (Germany), Reykjavík (Iceland) and London (United Kingdom). The company believes in corporate social responsibility. As we grow, we work to contribute to meaningful causes and support our local community.

Building a Better Tomorrow, Together

Giving back to our

Dream Broker takes social responsibility to heart and actively gives back to the community. We donate to non-governmental and non-profit organisations to help those in need. Together with partners in mental health, heritage preservation, art and culture, sports, and science, we build a better tomorrow.


Business with
ethical mindset

At Dream Broker, we care and we listen. Our commitment is to understand the needs of our customers and to provide the best solutions to help them succeed. Through fostering a relationship built on trust, credibility and transparency with our customers, we cultivate an empowering customer experience. Accountability is everything to us. We believe that the secret to a successful ethical business model is to create genuine value for our customers with our products. We are also mindful who we conduct our business with.

Diversity drives
creativity & innovation

Every culture, every background and every unique individual sees the world in a different way. Similarly, every unique individual brings diverse knowledge, experiences, and work ethics. Dream Broker is committed to provide every employee with what they need to succeed and an environment where they are valued, respected and empowered. We see diversity, equality, inclusion and gender balance as a bridge to connect diverse perspectives in order to spark creative ideas, create new possibilities and inspire innovation.


Our Partnerships and Donations

mieli mieli

Mental Health

In celebration of the 125th anniversary of MIELI, Dream Broker has made another donation on behalf of all their customers to support mental health and wellbeing across

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lapinlahti mieli

The Foundation

Associations Pro Lapinlahti mielenterveysseura ry and MIELI Mental Health Finland as well as Dream Broker Ltd, a Finnish growth company in software business, are going to set up a

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sibelius pam

Arts and Culture

Dream Broker has donated €10 000 to The University of the Arts, Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy in recognition of the power of music as art and its positive therapeutical impact.

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Pam pam

Sports, Security and National Defense

Dream Broker has partnered with the Ostrobothnia Academic National Defense Association - Pohjanmaan Akateeminen Maanpuolustusseura Ry (PAM ry) - to champion women in

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