Dream Broker continues to support exceptional athletes and community interests

L-R: Toni Nieppola, Marjut Hämäläinen

As a company, Dream Broker is committed to maintaining a positive standard of corporate social responsibility. Enabling athletes, who are performing at an exceptional level within their sport, are no exception. On this occasion, Dream Broker is privileged to shine a spotlight on young Finnish talent, Marjut Hämäläinen, who is one of the few female competitors in the male-dominated sport of shooting.

Dream Broker has partnered with the Ostrobothnia Academic National Defense Association – Pohjanmaan Akateeminen Maanpuolustusseura Ry (PAM ry) – to champion women in the sport of shooting and help the voluntary Finnish national defence efforts. The company is humbled to announce that a meaningful donation was presented to Toni Nieppola, Chairman of PAM ry, on 14.4.2022. The donation will be used to scale the foundation’s operations by purchasing new sports equipment and infrastructure.

The Ostrobothnian Academic National Defense Association (PAM ry) is a reserve organisation under the Finnish Reserve Officers’ Association, founded on March 22, 1961. It is currently one of the oldest recreational organisations at the University of Oulu and consists of over 300 active members from alumni, students, and staff. The association manages and organises activities that support and promote the mental and physical wellbeing of its members through sports, training and competition events. PAM ry also cooperates with other reservist organisations for students through the Student Reserve District (ORUP). 

Organisations that support the physical and mental wellbeing of grassroots communities align with Dream Broker’s core values. PAM ry provides opportunities for female shooting stars like Marjut Hämäläinen, to develop and succeed in a male-dominated sport. Therefore, it is a precious and meaningful partnership for the company to support the association.

For more information about PAM ry, visit https://www.pamry.fi/

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