Dream Broker donates to Sibelius Academy in recognition of the power of music as art and its positive therapeutical impact

L-R: Mika Ahokas, Emilie Gardberg, Niklas Pokki, Sarri Vuorisalo-Tiitinen

Dream Broker has donated €10 000 to The University of the Arts, Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy in recognition of the power of music as art and its positive therapeutical impact. It is the company’s privilege to help Sibelius Academy in its continued dedication to musical, artistic, as well as academic achievement. The donation comes as part of the company’s wider plan for community support first laid down in 2021.

An internationally recognised centre for developing the musical arts, the Sibelius Academy is the cornerstone of music culture in Finland due to its expertise in teaching, research, and artistic activities. The Sibelius Academy is one of the largest music academies in Europe, with the primary mission of renewing and fostering the music culture. The love of music and uncompromising passion for their work is the driving force behind this mission.

A creative community of approximately 1,500 students and 500 teachers, the Sibelius Academy attracts the best from across the continent to study, learn and teach. The international nature of the institution is reflected in their research, teachings, concerts, and other institutional activities.

The Academy has also been focusing on research and teaching the relationship between music and the mind. Mental health and wellbeing have been areas of focus during the past years as the Dean of Sibelius Academy, Emilie Gardberg, explained.

“We are coming out of a very difficult time. The pandemic has been very challenging and difficult, especially for young people. The power of music and its universal language is now more important than ever. Music offers a way of expressing emotions and it also has a therapeutic effect. When rebuilding our society, music and the arts have great importance.”
– Emilie Gardberg, Dean of Sibelius Academy

Dream Broker remains steadfast in supporting their customers, employees, and the community. The company believes in building a better future for our community by supporting valuable and meaningful causes. As the company continues to grow in stature, it hopes to help their community grow together by contributing to these causes as much as possible.

“This donation is a symbolic gesture that we hope will inspire other growing and successful businesses to give back to the arts, culture and community through philanthropy. Music as art can heal and comfort us – the timeless and eternal language of our souls.”
– Mika Ahokas, CEO, Dream Broker

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