Mika Ahokas (b. 1980)

Chief Executive Officer

Mika Ahokas is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Dream Broker Corporation and Companies. Since the founding of the company, Mr. Ahokas has supported the company as an investor and an advisor. Before Dream Broker, Mr. Ahokas has operated as a specialist, chief executive, entrepreneur and investor in software industry growth companies. He has started his career in the 1990s with Valmet Aviation and Patria Corporation, in the field of military- and civil aviation industries. He has accomplished a military police training in the Special Forces unit of the military police with honors and excellence. He has been given merits and awards for his military service. Furthermore, he is a member of the Finnish Reserve Officers' Federation (FROF). The federation is a voluntary organisation dedicated to develop the skills and abilities of reserve officers, contribute to national defence and support the national security. The mission of the FROF is to maintain and improve the military skills, leadership abilities and readiness of the reserve officers. FROF also acts as a link between its member associations and between the individual reserve officers. The Federation is politically non-aligned.

In the beginning of his career he led multinational research projects for software business and technology industries and operated as a researcher, teacher and lecturer of the software business. Earlier in his career he has operated as a director of business development and operational excellence in software company QuestBack AS. Mr. Ahokas has been an active and influential person within software industry by holding multiple board and/or steering group positions of trust in associations, academy and businesses. He is still serving the community and ecosystem by holding the positions of trust in industry associations such as acting as an active member of the finance committee of the Federation of Technology Industries in Finland, giving the voice for small and medium sized enterprises. During the years 2007-2012 he operated among others, as board member of Finnish Software Entrepreneurs' Association, and in numerous other research and development initiatives under universities and governmental agencies, participating to their management teams and steering group activities between the years 2004-2012.

He has published research papers regarding the development of software and growth companies and written about financing of the technology and software companies. Mr. Ahokas holds a Master's Degree on Computer Science and Industrial Management from Helsinki University of Technology, majoring in Venturing in Digital Economy, with honors and the distinction. He is a Doctoral Candidate, authoring a PhD dissertation about growth and scalability of software companies in Aalto University.

He was appointed as an honorary commander and awarded honorary membership in Ostrobothnia Academic National Defense Association in 2022.

Kristiina Häkkinen (b. 1986)

Chief Financial Officer (on maternity leave)

Mrs. Häkkinen is head of Dream Broker’s Finance and Treasury and act as CEO’s right hand woman. Mrs. Häkkinen joined company in the beginning of 2013 as Assistant Business Controller but within the years Mrs. Häkkinen has taken full responsibility of company’s finance and financial management. The main responsibilities of Mrs. Häkkinen is finance and financial resources, financial reporting and analysis, accounting, investments, cash flow management, acquisitions, tax and regulatory reporting and compliance issues. She is responsible for company’s growth and profitability and setting up and coordinating finance operations in all Dream Broker’s companies across the Europe. The key responsibilities cover all areas from daily finance operations to company’s overall strategic financial management and coordination. Prior to joining Dream Broker Mrs. Häkkinen worked in the KPMG audit team and primarily served as an engagement manager in the audit teams within the financial services industry. Mrs. Häkkinen holds a Master of Economics degree from the Turku School of Economics.

Sami Siekkinen (b. 1976)

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Siekkinen acts as the Chief Technology Officer. His responsibility is to ensure that the software development work, and architecture and technology choices support Dream Broker’s strategy and vision. Mr. Siekkinen has almost two decades of experience in software product engineering, development, architecture and maintenance. Mr. Siekkinen holds a Bachelor degree in Computer and Electronic Engineering from the Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

Kalle Valkama (b. 1986)

Senior Vice President,
Sales and Commercial Operations

Mr. Valkama heads Dream Broker’s sales operations. He is responsible for sales, including both new customer acquisition and customer management. In 2008–2011 Mr. Valkama was responsible for building Dream Broker’s domestic sales operations in Finland as Sales Director, having a central role in shaping Dream Broker’s direct sales model. As of 2012 Mr. Valkama has been developing Dream Broker’s internationalisation model and leading the expansion to new markets. Mr. Valkama holds a Bachelor’s degree in World Politics from the University of Helsinki.

Anne-Mari Janhonen (b. 1985)

General Counsel

Ms. Janhonen acts as General Counsel focusing on leading the legal function and ensuring effective execution and implementation of management activities. Her main responsibilities include risk management and supporting Dream Broker’s operative business by providing legal advice. Prior to joining Dream Broker in 2014, Ms. Janhonen worked in different law firms specialised in business law and insolvency. In addition, she has carried out a training period at Prosecutor’s Office of Helsinki. Ms. Janhonen holds a Master of Laws degree from the University of Helsinki.

Samuli Ruuskanen (b. 1978)

Director, Customer Success

Mr. Samuli Ruuskanen acts as Director, Customer Success. His area of responsibility is to plan and execute marketing activities that support Dream Broker’s strategy and vision in the areas of product marketing, event marketing and online marketing, and new market activation. Mr. Ruuskanen has 10 years of international experience in business development, software business, innovation and entrepreneurship. Mr. Ruuskanen has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Helsinki University of Technology and supporting Master’s degree -level studies from EDHEC Business School, France.

Lauri Heikkilä (b. 1987)

Vice President,
Business and Product Development

Mr. Heikkilä acts as the Vice President, Business and Product Development. Mr. Heikkilä’s responsibilities include business and product development, product strategy and total offering development focusing on the company's online video platform (OVP) business area and segment. In this role, he is leading the R&D product development unit.

Previously Mr. Heikkilä has been also responsible for the company's Customers business unit taking care of the company's entire customer base. In 2015–2018 he worked in the company as Country Manager of Finland responsible for the Finnish sales, including new customer acquisition and customer management. In 2010–2015 Mr. Heikkilä worked in various sales roles in the company, for example as Head of Sales responsible of company’s new customer acquisition in Finland. Mr. Heikkilä holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology from the Aalto University School of Science.

Kaisa Sippola (b. 1988)

Chief Financial Officer (acting)
Director, Talent Management

Ms. Sippola acts as Interim CFO. Sippola is responsible for the company’s finances. This includes the company’s financing and financial resources, reporting and analysis of financial figures, accounting, cash flow management, investments, acquisitions, tax and regulatory reporting, and the company’s financial risk management. In addition, Ms. Sippola is responsible for Dream Broker's recruitment and internal talent management -operations. Talent Management-unit's role is to strongly support company's business operations and future growth targets. She has worked at Dream Broker since 2014. Ms. Sippola holds a Master of Economics degree from the University of Vaasa.