Enabling remote teaching and building a learning community with Dream Broker

Taitotalo is the leading vocational Adult Education Centre in Finland, established in 2020 when AEL and Amiedu joined forces. Taitotalo’s training offering and network of experts is the largest in the industry. The current customer relationship management model focuses on providing companies and students with a unique framework and for developing their processes and practical skills. More than 2000 students graduate from the facility every year.

Taitotalo has a long history of meeting the educational needs of a changing world in which digitalisation is one of the biggest challenges. Taitotalo’s journey with videos began almost eight years ago and since then they have come a long way. Last year they published over 7000 videos, which are used in internal and management team communications, marketing, staff training and various training material, among others. The main reason why Taitotalo chose Dream Broker Studio as the online video platform because of its ease of use.

 “It is important to us that the video communication tool that we use does not require previous experience in video production, so that all of our educators can use videos as part of their training.”

Heidi Paal, Digital Learning Designer

According to Jorma Oinas, Taitotalo’s Concept and Digital Designer, one of the key benefits of using videos is the time one saves, which supports remote teaching. Oinas has been using the Dream Broker Studio almost ever since its launch in 2007, he produces and edits videos on a weekly basis. For example, in the construction industry, there is a certificate that needs to be renewed every four years and nowadays, the theoretical part and assignments are in video format. The theoretical part of the certificate can be studied from anywhere in Finland with the help of videos. It is no longer necessary to travel to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area for ’contact teaching’.

Lassi Heiskanen, a Trainer within the construction faculty, also emphasises the benefits of using videos in remote and distance education. Especially, in situations where the students’ native language is not Finnish. Giving instructions in video format is much more effective than in text format, he adds.

 “Dream Broker Studio makes it really easy to finalize and share videos. Plus, all videos are available uptodate online, so there is no need to move them from one place to another.”

Lassi Heiskanen, Building Technology Trainer, Taitotalo

As the two Education Centres merged, Taitotalo employees also began to use videos to get to know their new colleagues. Every week, one of the teams introduces themselves in a video and at the same time challenges one of the other teams. This way the Taitotalo employees learn how to create videos and simultaneously get to know each other. When daily events are shared in a natural way with colleagues through videos, the work and work environment become more interactive. The future goal of Taitotalo is to increase the use of video communication and the use of videos in general. This will allow for an even closer community and community building in the new organisation, Heidi Paal sums up.

Heidi Paal
Digital Learning Designer

Jorma Oinas
Concept and Digital Designer

Lassi Heiskanen
Building Technology Trainer



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