Psephos Biomedica transforms communication and training with Dream Broker Studio

Psephos Biomedica is a medical device regulatory and clinical consultancy based in Brighton, UK. Founded in 2001, the company works with clients from around the world to bring medical technologies to market. The company also provides bespoke regulatory clinical support and representation to access the UK, EU, Swiss and US markets.

Psephos Biomedica sought a simple and effective way to help clients understand their diverse solutions and services. Through Dream Broker Studio, the company began using engaging videos as a communication tool to create a distinctive brand presence that stood out from their competitors.

Using Studio, Psephos has successfully created over 30 videos for various business use cases. These videos covered various aspects of their services, including clinical consultancy, digital health AI software, regulatory consultancy, and UK responsible person activities.

“Dream Broker Studio for us has been really easy to use, it’s a great platform that provides us the ability to easily capture video, to embed presentations within it, and also to do the editing of that quite simply and straightforwardly… We can really use this for training purposes to be able to communicate difficult things in a simpler way.“

Robin Stephens, CEO & Co-Founder, Psephos Biomedica

The ease of video creation and editing with Studio enabled Psephos to publish their videos across their marketing channels seamlessly. The videos have been instrumental in increasing website engagement, providing interesting and valuable content for their clients. Through social media channels, the videos have supported Psephos’ marketing initiatives, reached a wider audience and enhanced brand awareness.

The videos also proved to be an excellent tool for educating clients on Psephos’ solutions, which has led to improved understanding and appreciation of their services. The impact of using videos have been so powerful that even partners of Psephos have reaped the benefits. Apart from using the videos for training purposes, partners also mentioned Psephos’ videos to be an exemplary reference for performing certain processes in the industry.

“We really like Dream Broker Studio because it’s very easy to learn and intuitive… We found that creating and then editing, cutting and then even uploading the videos to Studio became second nature almost.“

Jane Haines, Marketing Coordinator, Psephos Biomedica

Dream Broker Studio has been a valuable communication solution for Psephos Biomedica, especially to create videos for various business use cases with ease. Utilising video communication has positively contributed to their client training efficiency and commercial operations.

With videos now an integral part of their operations, the company acknowledges that they have only scratched the surface with using Dream Broker Studio. The company plans to explore more features and use cases of Studio going forward, to ensure they maximise the value of online video communication.

Robin Stephens
CEO & Co-Founder
Psephos Biomedica

Jane Haines
Marketing Coordinator
Psephos Biomedica

Psephos Biomedica

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