Cyber secure video communication with GDPR+ compliance

Security and privacy have always been our top priorities in software design and development and in the ways our personnel processes data. We are proud to be able to offer our customers a genuinely European solution, which doesn’t transfer personal data outside the EEA. Dream Broker Studio is our own software and hosted using hardware and server systems owned and operated by us. This provides our customers peace of mind, which has always been crucial for entities who are revolutionising their communication and expanding the use of online videos in all functions of their organisation.


As of 2015, Dream Broker has been granted the highest possible information security certificate for a Software as a Service (SaaS) product to protect information classified as secret. The certificate is issued by Nixu Corporation, one of the leading security professionals in Europe.

Our security measures are developed and audited regularly. We have diligently refined our technical and organisational measures and we are proud to say that Dream Broker Studio is, in addition to being information and data secure, also a cyber secure online video platform. Cyber security is one of our competitive advantages in the online video platform market.

Dream Broker Studio is intended for use by organisations acting as controller of personal data. The EU wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force the 25th of May 2018 and it effects both customers, as controllers, and Dream Broker, as processor. Thus, we have been aligning ourselves with this regulation diligently already since 2016. The nature of Dream Broker Studio where principles such as security and privacy by design and default have been adhered to from day one, accompanied with the high-level diligence of our personnel, guarantee that Dream Broker Studio continues to be fully compliant with the personal data protection legislation, including the GDPR.

Our customers can trust that their video communication conducted with Dream Broker Studio is GDPR+ level compliant already today and also in the future.

We don’t only want to comply with the regulation, but we also want to provide more value, a GDPR+ level compliance. This means that we meet and exceed all regulatory requirements, among others:

  • providing more transparent, extensive and customer-friendly Data Processing Agreement.
  • adopting security measures and documentation with respect to Dream Broker Studio providing deep understanding on how we process the personal data as well as how Dream Broker Studio is designed, hosted, maintained and further developed. Our customers can rely to fulfil their own obligations set forth in the rules and regulations just by reviewing and auditing our documentation.
  • securing control and peace of mind by providing the customer with full control over the data in Dream Broker Studio.
  • offering expertise, working closely with our customers and helping them to fulfil their obligations as controllers in the most professional and convenient way by providing workshops, training videos and other materials.
  • assisting our customers with any Dream Broker Studio related GDPR questions. Dream Broker has an extensive and highly professional legal department, consisting of internal and external experts. To guarantee the objectiveness, Dream Broker has audited its GDPR compliance, and independent law firms and their GDPR experts have verified that our GDPR compliance is one of the best they have ever seen.
  • presenting a genuinely European solution processing the personal data solely within the EEA.

Our customers can trust that their video communication conducted with Dream Broker Studio is GDPR+ level compliant already today and also in the future.

For more information, please contact:

Ville Pellinen                                                   Sami Siekkinen
Director, Technology & Customers            CTO          
+358 45 268 1800                                           +358 40 045 5008

Anne-Mari Janhonen                                    Mika Ahokas
Senior Legal Counsel                                    CEO
+358 40 574 4112                                            +358 40 583 7782


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