Dream Broker challenges international giants with the first cyber secure, all-in-one communication software solution from Europe


Finnish technology company Dream Broker Oy launches Dream Broker #One, the first cyber secure, all-in-one communication software solution from Europe, on 7th November 2023.

Dream Broker is a Finnish-European technology company that provides communication software products developed to meet today’s demanding cyber security challenges. With a new and revolutionary product, Dream Broker #One, the company is set to challenge industry giants such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Slack.

Dream Broker #One is a cyber secure, European alternative for communication software solutions from outside the EU. The software is simple and easy to use and streamlines all important and prioritised communication in one view for a highly intuitive user experience.

Designed with the highest possible level of cyber security and data compliance is what sets Dream Broker #One apart from its competitors. In addition to being designed and built in Finland, #One guarantees all data is securely processed and stored in purpose-built private cloud infrastructure and servers located fully within the European Economic Area (EEA).

The solution not only meets the strictest requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but also the highest reliability needs of defense and aviation industries. This ensures #One is a natural fit for the most demanding daily business cases and confidential leadership communications.

Mika Ahokas, CEO, Dream Broker, and long-term expert in the software and technology industry, is excited about the launch.

“Finland, as well as Europe, need technological innovations at an international level which can credibly challenge our American and Asian competitors. Dream Broker #One is a product from Finland but developed for international use. We truly believe that within the next few years, it will challenge solutions such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Systems and Slack. We want to create the next global success story from Finland, like Nokia was at their best.”
– Mika Ahokas, CEO, Dream Broker

With the modern adoption of hybrid work models, cyber security risks have also increased. Today, the threats regarding data protection and cyber security are often the top priority in the risk assessment of every company and organisation.

It is therefore important that the services and products used by organisations are secure and reliable, especially from a business and risk management perspective. This ensures the security and protection of sensitive data concerning employees and customers, as well as business-critical data.

Unfortunately, there are limited software solutions available on the market able to comply with EU GDPR requirements. Europe has largely been dependent on the supply of such software solutions from outside the EU. Now more than ever, Europe requires a domestic solution alternative of its own.

Dream Broker #One is the solution to this problem. A true European solution.

Additional Information:

CEO, Mika Ahokas, mika.ahokas@dreambroker.fi

Business Development Consultant, Anna Kanervo, anna.kanervo@dreambroker.com, +358 50412 3627, +44 740 436 3255

After being founded in 2007, Dream Broker has been one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, serving over 1100 loyal customers, in 8 countries, and offices in 13 cities. Today, the company is the market leader in the Nordics and one of the biggest players in Europe. As the company continues its expansion through Central and Western Europe, it offers a growing product family, of easy-to-use and cyber secure communication products: Dream Broker Studio, Dream Broker #One and Nian.

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