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Dream Broker is a Finnish and European online video software company. We help our customers revolutionise their communication and learning with online video. Our latest product offering, video meeting and communication software, Dream Broker #One, combines all communication means and channels seamlessly into one software. Our cloud-based video software platform, Dream Broker Studio, enables every employee to easily create, edit and share online videos. We also provide our expertise to help our customers succeed using online video.







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We revolutionise communication in a fun, natural and productive way, with video.


We help people and enterprises communicate, collaborate and learn with online video. Anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Our History

Dream Broker was founded in Finland in 2007. The turnover of the company is over 10 million euros and it has currently over 150 employees in eight European countries. The company is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, serving over 1100 loyal business customers.

The company is privately held under Finnish and European ownership by its key operative personnel. The company and its products are known for their high quality and information security. The strategy of the company is to innovate and develop video communication solutions for businesses and for all people, including consumers. The company provides solutions that are ranging from commercial software services to free-to-use software solutions. In the area of corporate social responsibility, the company believes in building a better future for our community by supporting meaningful causes. As we continue to grow in stature, we help our community grow together by contributing to these causes as much as we can.


In addition to its headquarters in Helsinki (Finland), Dream Broker has local offices in Turku (Finland), Oulu (Finland), Jyväskylä (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), The Hague (The Netherlands), Berlin (Germany), Frankfurt (Germany), Reykjavik (Iceland) and London (United Kingdom).


An early goal for Dream Broker was to become a significant international player in the digital online video platform (OVP), software market by the year 2015. Today we are the market leader in the Nordics, one of the biggest players in Europe, with focus on rapid global expansion through Central and Western Europe. By the year 2026, the goal for the company is to expand its operations to a global level including all corners and continents. With our newest product family and strategy, our aim is to become number one, first one, #One, 1, in the wider video communication market and become a true software video powerhouse, where customers can get all needed tools for modern, digital and video-based communication.

Our Products

Dream Broker Studio

Cyber Secure Video Communication

Dream Broker Studio helps people and enterprises communicate, collaborate and learn with online video. Anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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Dream Broker Studio

Safe video messenger for staying in touch with your loved ones.

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Nian Nian

Dream Broker #One

One Solution for Communication and Leadership

Dream Broker #One combines all communication means and channels seamlessly into one software.

Organise all video and audio meetings, phone calls, instant messages and all your needed documents with file sharing in a smart and cyber secure way.

The first all-in-one communication and leadership software from Europe.

Dream Broker One

Awards and Recognition

Dream Broker has also been recognised of company’s good financial performance. Selected rating companies have ranked company to the highest credit rating companies. In year 2016 company’s credit rating was AAA, in year 2017 AA+ and again AAA/AA+ in year 2018.

The company holds the platinum level financial background. It has been awarded the Strongest in Finland from 2016 to 2023 by Asiakastieto (credit rating company) in Finland.

Customer Stories

Learn how our customers are utilising videos in their daily work

Communicating in the Midst of Geopolitical Turbulences
Sirje Ahvenlampi-Hyvönen
Vice President, Group Communications
Defence (Finland)
Cyber secure video communication enables a wide range of new opportunities for high quality municipal services at Gladsaxe
Lisbeth Alcover Chulvi
HR Course Coordinator
Municipalities (Denmark)
Hovedstadens Beredskab
Efficient and effective communication is the lifeline in Hovedstadens Beredskab
Freank Mikkelsen
Chief of Operations
Hovedstadens Beredskab (Denmark)