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Cyber Secure
Video Communication

Communication with trust – Dream Broker Studio online video software provides its customers the highest level of Cyber Security, Information and Data Security and GDPR+ level compliance.

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We revolutionise communication in a fun, natural and productive way, with video.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is about protecting the data and the systems from malicious access through technical means. The level of security is defined by multiple factors such as what key architectural design choices are taken, the quality of the implementation, the framework and service choices that are made, as well as ultimately the infrastructural orchestration of the computer systems and the surrounding networking including industry standard firewalls.

GDPR+ Compliance

We did not only want to comply with the regulation but to provide even something much more for our customers – GDPR+ level compliance. This means that Dream Broker Studio meets and exceeds all regulatory requirements for processors, such as guaranteeing processing the personal data solely in the EEA.


Proven track record with over 800 organisations.

The use of online videos is quickly gaining momentum.
Online videos are an excellent addition to our communication.
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Axel Johnson International
Videos have improved our daily operations and save time.
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We help people and enterprises
communicate, collaborate and learn with online video.
Anywhere. Anytime. On any device.


Share best practices. Train sales staff and support global partners like never before. Delight your customers by providing video-based user support. Boost your sales with persuasive and informative video offers.


Implement strategy at all levels of the organisation. Bring in a fresh and engaging touch to corporate communications. Crystallise and unify the marketing message. Reach large and remote audiences with personal video messages.


Onboard new employees faster and train existing ones. Reinforce employer brand and let your employees tell their stories. Build a culture of sharing know-how by video. Reach and teach your employees anywhere.


Deploy and train new software faster, with lower costs. Unify the use of critical systems and enforce correct practices. Minimize helpdesk workload with ready-made videos and make videos quickly whenever needed.