Mika Ahokas (b. 1980)

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ahokas is the CEO of Dream Broker and Chairman of the Board of the Directors. Since the company was established, he has supported the company as a business angel and advisor. His previous responsibilities in the software industry include several top management positions, being founder, investor and entrepreneur behind several growth companies. Prior to his current position, he worked as Business Development Director in software company QuestBack AS. Mr. Ahokas is also an influential figure in the software industry and is a member of the Financing Committee of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries. In 2007–2012 he served as a member of the Board of Directors in the Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association. He holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Industrial Management and Engineering. In addition, he is a Doctoral Candidate in Aalto University.

Kalle Valkama (b. 1986)

Vice President, Sales

Mr. Valkama heads Dream Broker’s sales operations. He is responsible for sales, including both new customer acquisition and customer management. In 2008–2011 Mr. Valkama was responsible for building Dream Broker’s domestic sales operations in Finland as Sales Director, having a central role in shaping Dream Broker’s direct sales model. As of 2012 Mr. Valkama has been developing Dream Broker’s internationalisation model and leading the expansion to new markets. Mr. Valkama holds a Bachelor’s degree in World Politics from the University of Helsinki.

Kristiina Häkkinen (b. 1986)

Director, Finance & Administration

Mrs. Häkkinen is the head of Dream Broker’s Finance and Administration unit. She is responsible for the company’s finance, internal and external accounting, and coordination of outsourced F&A operations. Mrs. Häkkinen is also responsible for management of internal IT operations together with Director of Technology & Customers Ville Pellinen. Prior to joining Dream Broker in 2013 Mrs. Häkkinen worked in the KPMG audit team in the Financial Services department. Mrs. Häkkinen holds a Master of Economics degree from the Turku School of Economics.

Ville Pellinen (b. 1988)

Director, Technology & Customers

Mr. Pellinen acts as the director of Dream Broker’s R&D and Customers functions. Mr Pellinen’s responsibilities include taking care of the company’s entire customer base, customer value and customer satisfaction, developing customer work and managing customer churn. In addition, Mr. Pellinen leads the R&D product development unit. In 2014–2015 he worked in the company as Country Director of Finland responsible for the Finnish sales, including new customer acquisition and customer management. In 2009–2013 Mr. Pellinen worked in various sales and customer management roles in the company, for example as Sales Director responsible of company’s new customer acquisition in Finland. He has been part of Dream Broker’s management team also in 2012–2013. Mr. Pellinen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Aalto School of Business.

Otso Kallinen (b. 1976)

Director, Innovations

Mr. Kallinen leads innovation processes within Dream Broker. He is responsible for the development of innovation and user-centered design. Mr. Kallinen has over ten years of experience in leading roles in product development, design and concepting from e.g. Nokia Oyj, Infinity Oy (form. Provoke Design Oy) and Oy LM Ericsson Ab. He has also worked as an entrepreneur and has been active in several startup companies. Mr. Kallinen started working in Dream Broker in 2014. Prior to his current position, he worked as Design Lead within Dream Broker Garage. Mr. Kallinen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, and has studied at the University of Minnesota as a Fulbright scholar.

Sami Siekkinen (b. 1976)

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Siekkinen acts as the Chief Technology Officer. His responsibility is to ensure that the software development work, and architecture and technology choices support Dream Broker’s strategy and vision. Mr. Siekkinen has almost two decades of experience in software product engineering, development, architecture and maintenance. Mr. Siekkinen holds a Bachelor degree in Computer and Electronic Engineering from the Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

Anne-Mari Janhonen (b. 1985)

Legal Counsel

Mrs. Janhonen acts as a Legal Counsel focusing on selected legal areas, special projects and ensuring the effective execution of management activities. Her main responsibilities include risk assessment and supporting Dream Broker’s operative business by providing legal advice. Prior to joining Dream Broker in 2014, Mrs. Janhonen worked in different law firms specialised in business law and insolvency. Mrs. Janhonen holds a Master of Laws degree from the University of Helsinki.