Dream Broker Seeks Extra Funding


In order to reach a billion euro revenue level by 2030, Dream Broker is seeking extra funding to help accelerate the growth.

Dream Broker operates in the growing software and communications market, with limitless business opportunities for innovation and disruption. Dream Broker has accomplished its first million, and has continued growing above 10 million euros, from Finland to span to 8 European countries and 13 offices. The next near-term milestone is to break the 100 million euro hallmark and during that time, build the needed structures to scale the operations above one billion euros and make Dream Broker a truly global company.

In November 2023, Dream Broker launched its latest product, Dream Broker #One, to the public and is now ready to conquer the growing video communication and video meeting software markets. Dream Broker #One competes with American giants like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Salesforce Slack, Google Meet and Cisco Webex, as the only European alternative.

“By following our product strategy we have succeeded in developing truly noteworthy European and Finnish an alternative for video communication and video meeting software markets. With our new product, we offer our customers an easy to use and carefree way to communicate securely and in a compliant manner. We expect to obtain market share quickly.”

– Sami Siekkinen, CTO, Dream Broker Oy

Dream Broker offers a possibility for 1-5 seasoned professional investors to invest in the company in the form of a capital loan. The terms are negotiated with each operator separately. Initially, a total loan sum of up to 10 000 000 EUR is targeted, and the maturity is 10 years with annual interest rate of 6-9%. The loan is not meant for the general public and the loan is non-transferable.

Dream Broker has been rewarded for innovation, growth and profitable business acumen.

Dream Broker is a Finnish and European growth and technology company specialising in developing online video software products. The company holds its headquarters in Finland and controls subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Germany, Iceland, and the UK. The company was established in 2007. The company is entirely in Finnish private ownership.

Additional information:

CEO, Mika Ahokas, Dream Broker Oy, +358 40 583 7782

CFO, Kaisa Sippola, Dream Broker Oy, +358 50 324 4762

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