Intrum Justitia starts the use of Dream Broker solution

By delivering Credit Management Services (CMS) and solutions that tangibly improve the financial performance of the business operations of each of its clients, Intrum Justitia intends to sustain its position as Europes leading CMS provider. Today, Intrum serves more than 75,000 clients worldwide with local and cross-border credit management support. Intrum is committed to improve its customers cash flow and profitability in everything they do – credit information, sales ledger services, reminders, collection of outstanding receivables and purchased debt. Intrum is catalyst for a sound economy. Intrum is here to facilitate business and helps create sound economies by making trade smooth, safe and fair. Intrum is going to use Dream Brokers online video software service especially for presenting and instructing the use of its services, internal and external communications, IT system training and enhancing their training processes.

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