One Solution for
and Leadership

Dream Broker #One

Dream Broker #One combines all communication means and channels seamlessly into one software.

Organise all video and audio meetings, phone calls, instant messages and file sharing in a smart and cyber secure way.

The first European all-in-one communication and leadership software.
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Simple and Easy to Use

No need to worry where your communications are or what you missed.

No more scattered emails to multiple stakeholders. Bring them together on one platform for streamlined and organised collaboration.

Simplify your communication, it’s all in #One.

Cyber Security and GDPR Compliance

Dream Broker #One is a European communication solution with the highest possible level of cyber security, compliance, and ethics.

Your data is securely processed and stored in our unique, purpose-built private cloud infrastructure. Our servers are located fully within the European Economic Area (EEA). The solution is annually audited by our independent cyber security partner KPMG.

Expertise and Track Record

For the past 16 years, Dream Broker has provided over 1100 customers with reliable, cyber secure, and EU GPDR compliant communication solutions.

We have locations in 8 European countries.

What sets Dream Broker apart is that we provide our customers with localised professional support to ensure their success.

All Communication in One Solution

Change Management
Change Management

Dream Broker #One — the number one in


Military-Grade Reliability

A solution that always works. The highest quality standards for a seamless experience.


Cyber Security

#One is built with security in mind and hosted in a private cloud infrastructure in EEA.

 Ease of use

Ease of Use

Intuitive user interface and well thought out features for productive work in one solution.

 Technical richness

Technical Capabilities

#One supports all possible ways of online communication. The choice is yours.