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Online Video Platform

Dream Broker Studio

Dream Broker Studio is a cyber secure online video platform that enables every employee to easily create, edit, manage, share and analyse their videos.

Solve all your video communication needs through one platform, from webcasts and critical announcements to internal training channels. Anywhere, anytime and on any device.
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Benefit Your Organisation

As our customer you own and control your data
  • Hosted on hardware and server systems, completely owned and operated by us in the EEA
  • EU GDPR+ level compliant
  • Trusted by over 1 000 enterprises
  • Audited annually by third party cyber security professionals
Change Management
Explore the ways to reduce your operational costs with video
  • Fast and inexpensive trainings
  • Less travelling to face-to-face meetings
  • Time saved for productive tasks
Find creative applications of video to gain additional revenue
  • Higher ROI from sales activities
  • More efficient sales channels
  • Deeper customer relations
Unlock your unrealised competetive advantage with
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Unified business processes
  • Higher overall productivity

Communicate, Collaborate and Learn with Video

External Communication
Change Management

Anywhere, Anytime, on any Device.

Available On

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Desktop and Laptop

Access full functionality, features and editing capabilities of Studio on any modern web browser.
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Mobile Devices

Create videos on the move and access all your video content and channels securely wherever you are.
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Samsung Smart TVs

Seamlessly integrate your video content onto smart TVs in public areas, events and trade fair for any business need.

End to End Solution

Dream Broker Studio offers multiple ways to create videos: with screen or camera recording and by uploading files. The results of the recording or upload are almost instantly available to the intended recipients of the video.
Change Management
Dream Broker Studio has an easy-to-use video editor that allows users without any previous experience to edit their videos, add text boxes, visuals and background music.
Dream Broker Studio allows to manage public and private channels, videos and user-access levels in a cyber-secure and hassle-free way.
Dream Broker Studio provides a variety of ways to deliver the video with: channels, iframes, SMS, QR codes and multiple third-party integrations.
Dream Broker Studio is designed with a data-centric approach – administrators can access a variety of organisational data insights and content managers will enjoy seeing their impact with views, likes and comments.

Customer Stories

Learn how our customers are utilising videos in their daily work

Frequently Asked Questions

Dream Broker Studio is a cyber secure online video platform that enables you to easily create, edit, manage, share and analyse your organisation’s videos.
Unlike traditional video platforms with limited use cases, Dream Broker Studio is designed to be utilised by anyone in your organisation for any use case.

Studio can be used for almost any business purpose such as leadership communication, scalable training, and internal knowledge sharing.

The combination of cyber security, ease of use and compliance with EU GDPR make Dream Broker Studio a unique solution for private and public organisations.
Our solution allows any employees to easily create and share video content securely throughout your organisation.

Reduce cost by scaling your communication and training. Save time by communicating more efficiently and keep your employees engaged.
The best use cases for Dream Broker Studio are for internal and external communication, leadership communication and scalable training. However, there are unlimited use cases for Studio. Read More
Our solution is scalable for various organisational sizes depending on their needs.
Users will be able to create their own videos intuitively from the first time they use Dream Broker Studio. They do not need to have any prior knowledge or skills for video editing.
We guarantee the highest level of cyber security, information and data security and is compliant with EU GDPR.

Our software meets the criteria for reliability required for the defense sector. The software is hosted on our own hardware and server systems operated only by us within the European Economic Area (EEA). Read more on Security page.
Yes. You can use Studio with any operating system on your internet browser. The mobile app is also available on Android and iOS, as well as the DreamTV App for Samsung Smart TVs.
Dream Broker Studio has many features to make your videos more accessible. These accessibility features meet AA level compliance according to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines.

Studio successfully meets 49 criteria required for level A and level AA compliance (excluding the requirement to have captions for live videos).