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Dream Broker Studio is an easy-to-use, private cloud-based software for managing the whole life cycle of online videos. Studio helps people and enterprises communicate, collaborate and learn with online video. Designed for end-to-end workflows, it allows anyone to easily create, edit and share online videos, anywhere, anytime and on any device.


Use cases

  • Leading & Collaboration

    Leading and Collaboration

    Unify your organisation and execute strategies efficiently

    CEOs and management teams can easily create and share video content through live events and periodic reports. Utilise Dream Broker Studio in all units and teams as a management tool. Engage your employees effortlessly, one video at a time. Reinforce a modern employer brand and build a culture of knowledge sharing with video throughout the organisation.
  • Training & Education

    Training and Education

    Efficient and scalable internal processes

    Preboard and onboard new employees faster and ensure continuous training with existing employees. Roll-out and implement new IT-systems and work processes efficiently. Ensure that safety and compliance trainings reach all employees and are watched on time. Minimise help desk support workload with helpful ready-made FAQ videos.
  • Internal Communication

    Internal Communication

    Power hybrid work with video

    Build a secure internal communication and knowledge hub with your organisation’s video content. Share your organisation updates and news via Dream Broker Studio channels, VideoHub, mobile app, digital screens and your intranet. Initiate discussions within your organisation about relevant topics and trends through video blogs, seamlessly.
  • External Communication

    External Communication

    Reach the right audience, at the right time, on the right device

    Make video a part of your sales and marketing strategy from your website and social media platforms to trade fair screens. Support your partners and external stakeholders with up-to-date video communication content. Facilitate your important hybrid events with Dream Broker Studio Webcasting and share the event recordings to extend your reach.
Leading and Collaboration
Training and Education
Internal Communication
External Communication


  • Cyber Security and Compliance

    European communication solution with the highest possible cyber security, compliance and ethics

    Manage all your organisation’s video content securely in one solution. Dream Broker Studio guarantees the highest level of cyber security, information and data security and is compliant with GDPR and Accessibility Directive (WCAG 2.1 - AA). As our customer, you own and control your data. Your data is processed and stored in our private cloud infrastructure and servers, located within the European Economic Area (EEA). Our solution is annually audited by independent Cyber Security partner, KPMG. Learn more about our cyber security expertise here.

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  • Reduce Cost & Increase Revenue

    Reduce Cost and Increase Revenue

    Scale your business and adapt to the changing business landscape

    Minimise travel costs by communicating with internal and external stakeholders more efficiently. Reduce operating costs of sales, marketing and training by scaling your organisation’s communication. Boost your sales and marketing activities with video. Impress your customers and partners by providing video-based customer support.
  • Managing the Reform of Work Practices

    Manage Shifting Work Models

    Transform leadership, communication, and training into your key competences

    Enable successful adoption of shifting and hybrid work processes within your organisation. Capturing and sharing best practices with video leads to higher overall productivity and results. Promote a collaborative culture and increase work satisfaction, through video.
Cyber Security and Compliance
Reduce Cost and Increase Revenue
Manage Shifting Work Models
Dream Broker Studio Solution

Complete Solution to
Communicate, Collaborate & Learn

Dream Broker Studio is designed for end-to-end workflows on both desktop and mobile devices.
The private cloud-based software empowers your organisation to master online video communication. Every employee is enabled to create, edit, manage, share, stream and analyse online videos easily, safely and securely.

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Increase productivity with Studio

Engaging leadership turns strategy into action


Effective communication ensures focus on productive work


Scalable training for faster return on investment

Customer Stories

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Dr. Juho Nummela
Manufacturing (Finland)
Cyber secure video communication enables a wide range of new opportunities for high quality municipal services at Gladsaxe
Lisbeth Alcover Chulvi
HR Course Coordinator
Municipalities (Denmark)
Hovedstadens Beredskab
Efficient and effective communication is the lifeline in Hovedstadens Beredskab / Greater Copenhagen Fire Department
Frank Mikkelsen
Chief of Operations
Hovedstadens Beredskab (Denmark)