Cyber secure video communication enables a wide range of new opportunities for high quality municipal services at Gladsaxe

Gladsaxe is a Danish municipality located next to Copenhagen and it has approximately 70 000 citizens and around 7000 employees. They utilise videos in many ways when communicating with their citizens and employees.

Dream Broker Studio is being used in Gladsaxe Municipality in wide range of different functions, such as citizen services, social work, process documentation, rehabilitation, video-based diaries and recruitments by hundreds of their employees, supporting the training and communication purposes. They produced more than 3000 videos in the year 2019 alone.

Their employees record the videos with Dream Broker Studio Mobile app using their work phones or tablets. Videos are safely stored in the platform and they can be securely linked to their own case management system.

“Cyber Security is essential for us as a municipality, as we are handling a lot of sensitive data.”

Lisbeth Alcover Chulvi, HR course coordinator

Videos as a communication format is also used in their internal systems training, for example in cases showing how to use the intranet or case management system. Benefits of using video communication in many different areas have become concrete.

“We use videos for example to train our diverse workforce and how to use various welfare technologies. This saves us time in the training room, as well as decrease the amount of mistakes made.”

Therese Monrad, Digitalization and web consultant

Videos are widely used in the everyday life of the municipality to inform their citizens about their activities and services, such as opening hours, care centre communication and other ongoing projects.

Videos have become a natural working tool for the Gladsaxe Municipality and their people are not afraid of using them in their work anymore.

Lisbeth Alcover Chulvi
HR course coordinator

Therese Monrad
Digitalization and web consultant

Gladsaxe Municipality, Denmark

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