The Central Finland Health Care District Saves Tens of Thousands of Euros with Online Video Training

The Central Finland Health Care District (KSSHP) is the largest non-university hospital district in Finland. They are responsible for specialist medical care services in central Finland and employ over 5000 people, including doctors, nurses, general staff and public utility staff.

In 2014, the Central Finland Health Care District started training their employees on a new Patient data repository designed to play a central role in passing information between healthcare service providers. In order to ensure a smooth transition and limit disruption they planned to train up to 5000 employees as well as a large number of home nurses in the shortest time possible. KSSHP estimated that each employee and home nurse would need to spend two hours in a face-to-face training. When factored in the time spent in training as well as travel time, catering and transport costs and costs of a trainer it was evident they needed other alternative training methods that were more cost efficient.

KSSHP were looking for a solution which would help them to deliver high quality training fast, reach their diverse workforce where ever they were located and be engaging, reliable and cost effective. With a focus on quality and efficiency, KSSHP decided to use online video to train their employees. In cooperation with the trainer they developed a complete training package of 9 instructional and educational videos in under 10 hours, over two days. Each video was under 5 minutes and good quality. Once created, they shared the videos with all their employees and home nurses. The response was immediate and positive with around 19,000 views to date.

“Training employees on information systems and creating paper-based guides for using information systems usually takes a lot of time. Making video guides is easier and faster.”

Key benefits:

  • The trainees took less time to internalize the material as they could watch and learn at their own pace
  • They could revisit any area of the training from any device
  • They could choose when and where to study, from home or work, or even while commuting
  • The software was easy to access and easy to use
  • The content was good and added value

KSSHP saved tens of thousands of euros in otherwise lost productivity while delivering the necessary training to all corners of the organization. Having successfully implemented the online video training program they now have the processes, experience and employee buy-in to use video in other areas such as FAQ’s, support tutorials, updates to the patient data repository, and IT.

Dream Broker provided the tools and know-how for KSSHP to create a sustainable online video communications and training approach that helped to provide a foundation for the successful and cost efficient implementation of the patient data repository and reached employees and home nurses across the organisation.

Tuula Kuusela, Senior Project Manager KSSHP

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