Innovative ways to support learning

Rusko is a municipality in the Southwest of Finland with 6 000 inhabitants. Rusko is a small municipality which provides basic education. In the early 2010’s Rusko wanted to start using more effective communication tools in education sector. They started a service called Opentunti to support teachers in planning and education. Informative videos are the key element in Opentunti service and videos are used for example in teachers’ trainings.

Because videos are such an essential part of Opentunti service, Rusko needed an easy-to-use solution to produce videos. They started using Dream Broker Studio in 2012 to make quick instruction videos and publish them securely in Opentunti service either as embedded videos or links.

Today, Rusko is using Dream Broker Studio in multiple cases such as planning classes, internal and external communication and in training.

“Teachers, students and guardians have been very pleased with short instruction videos. Videos tell so much more than just written content.”

Recently more teachers have started using videos once they noticed the benefits. Rusko has utilized videos for example in teachers’ trainings and in classes. With video materials, trainings can be arranged for smaller groups in a cost-efficient way.

Students also utilize videos during classes. With the help of videos, different ways of teaching can be used, and classes can be differentiated.

“Different students need different materials to learn. Videos are a great help in that. Students can watch videos also at home if they have difficulties at classes.”

In the future, Rusko believes that they will expand the use of videos. The change has been already seen during distance learning when more teachers started using videos.

“I believe that videos will be an everyday tool to support teaching and learning.”

Janne Korsimo
Rusko Municipality

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