Ponsse CEO can’t imagine working without videos

Ponsse is an international company that was founded in Finland in 1970. They manufacture cut-to-length forest machines and the technology related to the industry. They have a large network around the world, with a presence in over 42 countries. They have 12 subsidiaries globally and 42 dealers in our network with almost 2000 loyal employees.

Dr. Juho Nummela is the CEO of Ponsse, a title he has held for 13 years of his 19 year career at the company. Their initial idea for using Dream Broker was simply to improve the communication, especially when it came to their quarterly reports. As a stock listed company, Dr. Nummela wanted to make sure that a video was released each quarter that would reach the entire network of Ponsse, so they could explain the situation, how they were doing financially and so on. Their video use then escalated to a point where new videos were being released daily, and has since settled on regular, weekly videos.

Right from the beginning, they wanted to do things “the easy way,” which saw Dr. Nummela filming the videos himself on his mobile phone, do some minor editing to cut the video together, and then securely distribute the video through Dream Broker to their desired network. The CEO goes on to exclaim that Dream Broker Studio made this process incredibly simple, easy, and fast, and has found it to be an overwhelmingly important part of communicating with his network of employees and external stakeholders.

Ponsse sees no need for a professional camera crew or equipment to be involved in the creation of these videos. The weekly videos the CEO makes himself have become an institution at Ponsse, gaining many views. They have become so ingrained in the company culture, that if for some reason Dr. Nummela does not make a weekly video, he will have people contacting him asking why there was not a video published.

“That’s one of the beauties of this; it’s so easy and straightforward to make these videos and then upload them to the Dream Broker cloud and then just distribute so, you know, this makes Dream Broker easy-to-use, and so effective use of my time as well.”

Dr. Juho Nummela, CEO

Given the confidential nature of the content Ponsse communicates through video, they are highly satisfied with the exceptional cyber security that Dream Broker offers, with the security features “…working so well, so I don’t even know [the details of how it works]” exclaims Dr. Nummela.

Another feature that Ponsse find useful is the ability to reach their network directly through SMS messages from within the Dream Broker Studio interface, allowing Ponsse to easily distribute their content directly to their desired audiences with ease.

“We’ve experienced a lot of good things with Dream Broker and using these videos, and for sure, there is no possibility for me of not having these weekly videos.”

Dr. Juho Nummela

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