Dream Broker Studio is an easy-to-use, cloud-based software for managing the whole life cycle of online videos. Designed for end-to-end workflows, it enables every employee to easily create, edit and share online videos, both on the desktop and on mobile devices.

Dream Broker Studio feature highlights

User-generated video
Everyone in your organisation and networks can easily share their thoughts in an informative and sensory-rich video. Anywhere, anytime with mobile apps.
Screen recorder
Create clear screen recording videos with voice-over to explain the use of an IT system or present PowerPoint slides.
Video upload
Upload your videos in any format. We handle transcoding to High Definition formats as well as low-bandwidth formats for mobile use.
Online editor
Edit videos in the cloud with our intuitive editor. Trim your clips, insert additional footage and add text, images, and audio tracks.
Multi-track editing
Splice multiple B-rolls, with or without sound, into your primary video to flesh it out and to add some variety. Edit music on its own audio track.
Video branding
Add company logos, video intros, PowerPoint slides, corporate theme music, etc. Make your video look like you. All in the cloud.
Secure video sharing
Easily pick whether to share videos publicly or to a limit access using passwords and IP address restrictions, transferred through SSL connection.
Mobile-friendly embedding
Use our automatically generated iframe code to embed HTML5/Flash videos anywhere, for instance websites, intranets and LMSs.
Branded video channels
You can easily customise your video channel themes to match your brand – and your brand only.

Communicate with mobile video – anywhere & anytime

Shoot, share and watch videos on-the-go with our iPhone, Android and Windows Phone applications. Follow your favourite video channel and get a notification every time new content is available. Collaborate with colleagues by liking and commenting on videos. Experience enterprise videos anywhere and anytime.

Additional enterprise features suited for large organisations

Enterprise features are especially designed to meet the needs of large, international organisations. They improve productivity through a more efficient, accessible and secure viewing experience. For further information on the features, watch videos below.

Single sign-on

Simplify user management
and increase security

Microsoft SharePoint integration

Easily integrate videos to your
Microsoft SharePoint intranet

Global content delivery

Instant and smooth
video playback worldwide

Enterprise-level data security

Dream Broker Studio delivers company confidential material on a daily basis. It is our responsibility to make sure that you can produce as many videos as you want, about any possible topic – without worrying about data security issues.

Videos are always shared through a secure internet connection (SSL). Videos can be secured by passwords, IP address restrictions or by requiring viewers to sign-in. Single sign-on solutions are supported. The wide range of authentication methods allows different levels of access – for example, for your own employees, vendors and suppliers. As part of our best practices in data security, in the early stages of cooperation, Dream Broker experts define the optimal authentication methods for each customer.

Videos and other customer content are stored securely on Dream Broker servers. The data centers have tight security restrictions and restricted access. Our clients include banks, financial institutions, military organisations and dozens of healthcare organisations. Our data security level has been audited by multiple independent data security professionals and third party consultants.