Dream Broker steps up to support youth sports and athletes in the Greater Helsinki region


Dream Broker is privileged to announce the sponsorship collaboration with Keika Football Club. With this collaboration, the company will act as the principal shirt partner for Keika Football Club starting from February 2024. The partnership agreement is long-lasting and brings together one of Vantaa’s most established grassroots football organisation, and one of the leading companies in the online video software market in Europe.

As a company, Dream Broker is committed to maintain a positive level of corporate social responsibility. This collaboration is part of Dream Broker’s longstanding commitment to be more involved in the local community, by investing in partners and causes that contributes to the wellbeing of children and youth.

“KeiKa is an excellent partner for us since we share similar values. This collaboration gives us possibilities to learn from each other. Thus, I am very happy about this project”

– Mika Ahokas, CEO, Dream Broker

The strong trust and relationship that will be forged through this partnership will enable Dream Broker a platform to engage with the community by promoting physical and mental health wellness through sports. Keika Football Club will also gain access to all Dream Broker products to enhance modern communication.

The company’s newest product, Dream Broker #One, is highlighted as the center of the cooperation because it allows players, coaches, and parents to communicate easily and securely with each one another.

More than 500 athletes will wear Keika Football Club uniforms designed with Dream Broker and #One logos at their trainings and games. The partnership presents meaningful opportunities for both parties to learn, grow and develop together.

While the shirt will be the most visible symbol of the partnership, Dream Broker hopes that the collaboration will open new ways to connect with our local community, as well as bring mutual benefits to both organisations, and most importantly, to our community.

The company looks forward to share milestones and experiences of the cooperation together.

For more information about Keika Football Club, visit https://keika.sporttisaitti.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/keika_jalkapallo/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/keikajalkapallo/

Additional information:

CEO, Mika Ahokas, Dream Broker Ltd, mika.ahokas@dreambroker.fi

Business Development Consultant, Anna Kanervo, Dream Broker Ltd, Tel. +358 50412 3627, +44 740 436 3255 anna.kanervo@dreambroker.com

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