PharmaRelations has changed the way how their employees communicate together, to customers and how they attract talent.

PharmaRelations is the Nordic Market leader within the life science. They operate in all four Nordic countries – Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark and has nearly 145 employees. In 2019 the turnover of the company was 13 million euros.

Their challenge as a consulting company with employees spread all over the Nordics was to solve how they can communicate in a better way. The goal for the whole organisation is to offer the best for its customers, when it comes to talent services.

“The reason why we chose Dream Broker was because it is easy to use and it is easy for all of our employees to edit their own movies and films. But the foremost important reason was the support we get constantly from Dream Broker.”

In internal communication they use videos to share news and important information across the company. By creating instruction videos for different systems they help their employees to use the systems more efficently. Also, their employees and consultants are much more engaged.

“Today, all of our employees are producing videos and we are using videos throughout the whole organisation. To put it in short, Dream Broker has truly changed the way we communicate at PharmaRelations.”

For external communications, PharmaRelations uses videos to attract more talent and drive more traffic to their website. They are also planning to use different video concepts to promote their company and gain more visibility online. In one year, they have produced and published over 339 videos, meaning on average 1,5 videos per working day. In the near future their intention is to expand the use of Dream Broker Studio from Sweden to also to the other Nordic countries.

Fredrik Anjou

Jenny Olsson
Head of Communication

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