Finnish growth company Dream Broker opening an office in Sweden

Dream Broker, a Finnish software company producing online video solutions, expands its business operations to Sweden. The company has grown quickly and believes in persistent operations and local service.

Dream Broker is the market leader in Finland in the online video business, and has achieved an annual growth rate of over 100% each year since the start of its operations. In Finland, the company has attained a customer base of more than 400 customers, including key players from ministries and hospital districts to companies in the front row of the economic arena. Now, Dream Broker is seeking a foothold for its growth story by starting business operations in Sweden. In Sweden, customers will be served by the subsidiary Dream Broker AB.

“As the key market in the Nordics, Sweden has always been a natural step for us in our internationalisation process. We have sent competent resources to Sweden who have the will and mindset to build a steady sales and service organisation in Stockholm,” says Mika Ahokas, CEO of Dream Broker.

Dream Broker seeks to serve its customers on a long-term basis and with a local touch.

“In international business, you need to know how to think globally, and at the same time act locally. For us, this means that we want to operate close to our customers, in the local language, and with respect for the local practices and culture. We have arrived in Sweden to stay. We are recruiting Swedish staff, we will serve well and expand strongly,” says Ahokas.

Instant benefits with new technology

The Swedish operations will be led by Kalle Valkama, Country Manager and Deputy Managing Director of the Swedish subsidiary, and Mark Kyander, Area Manager.

“I have been involved in building the company’s growth story in Finland from the word go. In Sweden, we aim to do what we have done in Finland, only even faster. The Swedish market potential is significant,” says Valkama.

“In Sweden, we are approaching private and public players, and offering them online video solutions for developing their operations. We want to provide concrete benefits for our customers. Our solutions enable significant cost savings and also increase the efficiency of business operations,” says Kyander.

The main product of Dream Broker is a browser-based software for producing, distributing and managing online videos. The product has been designed so that anyone can use it.

“Our vision is to bring online videos to the everyday use of companies and their staff anywhere and with any device. We want to make the business operations of Swedish companies more efficient and improve their commercial success with a new way of communicating and learning,” says Ahokas.

Young, dynamic professionals

The preparations for the Swedish business began in early October with setting up the facilities and recruiting local young talent as well as seeking partners.

“We have already hired two Swedish top salespeople. Towards the end of the year, we will be looking for more Swedish staff with a commercial background to join our team. As seen, our passion and our adaptable approach take us forward in leaps and bounds. Our objective is that by the end of 2013 the Swedish office will employ at least 10 sales and marketing professionals,” Valkama elaborates.

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Dream Broker is a Finnish software company specialised in online video solutions. Dream Broker provides browser-based software for producing, editing and distributing online videos. The solution enables more efficient training, learning and communications. With the help of the software, any user from the organisation can produce and share online videos in an easy and secure manner. Dream Broker’s vision is to bring online videos within the reach of all companies and their employees regardless of time and place – with any device.


Founded in 2007, the company currently employs a staff of over 50 employees.  Dream Broker is a growth company: its annual growth has surpassed 100% in each year of its operations since the company was founded. The company’s headquarters are located in Helsinki, Finland. During autumn 2012, Dream Broker will also open offices in Stockholm and Copenhagen. Dream Broker’s objective is to grow into a significant international actor in the digital online video software market by 2015.

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