Customers Sharing Experiences with Dream Broker and Online Video

We had Bayer Nordic, Hartwall and VR Track share their experiences with Dream Broker and online videos! Take a look at what their communications experts Niko Palosuo, Petra Gräsbeck and Hanni Marin had to say on the short video interviews below. All of the videos are in Finnish and the one of Bayer Nordic’s is subtitled in English.

Bayer Nordic – Utilizing Videos and Dream Broker Studio (subtitled in English)

Niko Palosuo – Head of Communications, Bayer Nordic

Hartwall – Why using videos is important (in Finnish)

Petra Gräsbeck – Head of Communications, Hartwall

VR Track – How VR Track utilizes online videos (in Finnish)

Hanni Marin – Specialist, Development and Communications; VR Track

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