We’re excited to let you know that Dream Broker, Finnish growth company of the year 2013, is launching a mobile application for its cloud-based online video software, Dream Broker Studio. With the new mobile application, every employee is able to shoot, share and watch enterprise videos with their mobile devices whenever and wherever they like.

In addition to the mobile application, new Enterprise features are introduced for Dream Broker Studio. These features are designed to meet the needs of large international organisations, improving their productivity with a more efficient, accessible and secure way of using online videos.

Mobile applications

Shoot, share and watch videos on-the-go with our iPhone, Android and Windows Phone applications. Follow your favourite video channel and get a notification every time new content is available. Collaborate with colleagues by liking and commenting on videos. Experience enterprise videos anywhere and anytime.

The mobile applications are available on Apple’s App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store.

Scroll down to download the mobile application or watch this short video to learn more!

Enterprise features

Enterprise features are especially designed to meet the needs of large, international organisations. They improve productivity through a more efficient, accessible and secure viewing experience.

Single sign-on
Securely access videos with your existing credentials – you’ll have one less password to remember. Easily manage thousands of users’ access to videos.

Microsoft SharePoint integration
Liven up your intranet with video content managed in Dream Broker Studio. Integrate videos to your Microsoft SharePoint 2013 or 2010 sites and make video a natural part of daily communication.

Global content delivery
Deliver videos globally with high speed and improve the viewing experience by streaming the videos from a local server nearest to the viewer.

Watch the feature-specific videos to learn more!

Dream Broker

Dream Broker is a Finnish online video software company. We help our customers revolutionise their communication and learning with online videos. Our cloud-based software, Dream Broker Studio, enables every employee to easily create, edit and share online videos. We also provide our expertise to help our customers succeed using online video.

As a leading company in the market, we already serve 600+ customer organisations and help them achieve better results with online video.

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